5 Tips to Conquer the Fear of Doing Live Video

Are you doing regular Live videos in your business? Or does the thought of it make you break out in a sweat?

I remember when I first started doing Live video it took me FOREVER to hit the *Go Live* button! A 5-minute video would end up taking me about an hour to get through because I would keep chickening out on hitting that button! Bok! Bok!

If doing Live video freaks you out, here's a few things that might help with your mindset when going Live …

  1. Think about WHY you're doing Video. When you're trying to recruit new prospects into your business, you need to build a relationship with them. It's very rare that you meet someone, talk to them about your business opportunity and they jump right in. Don't get me wrong, that can totally happen but think about video as a vehicle to allow people to get to know, like and trust you. People might see your posts on social media, but to actually SEE you and HEAR you really allows people to get to know who YOU are!
  2. Pretend that everyone watching is naked! Oh wait, that's for when you're in front of a group of people you can actually see. Forget that! But seriously, just think about how you would talk to ONE person. If you wanted to tell a friend about something, what would you say and how would you say it? Just be your amazing, beautiful self, and speak like you're just talking to one single person.
  3. Make it short! That's totally ok! You are the boss of you, and you can make your Live videos as long or as short as you want! When you're first getting started with video, take some pressure off yourself by making a video that's less than 3 minutes long. Does that feel better? Baby steps are ok!
  4. If you struggle with what in the world to say, start with what you already know. Think of something that you've learned or overcome that can help your target audience. People love getting tips and strategies! And if you've thought of something that you want to talk about but you're still a bit stuck with how to say it, Google that sh*t! Sometimes just reading what someone else has said will give you inspiration and help you get your thoughts together.
  5. Finally, and absolutely most important, check your teeth for spinach or lettuce! That would just be embarrassing!

I hope this has helped to make you feel a bit better about doing Live video. Having your own business really does push you out of your comfort zone, but the more you put yourself out there, the more you grow … and so will your business!

To your success!


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