A Simple Strategy to Save You From Leaving Money On the Table

I'm connected to thousands of network marketers here on LinkedIn, and have had some great conversations over the past couple of years. Sometimes people have offered to send me samples of their products, which I've been happy to get because I like to know what's out there, and support network marketers with product purchases if I can. I hope as a network marketer, you're doing the same because we need to support this amazing industry!

Anyway … the funniest thing has happened about 4 times now. I've been offered samples of shampoo to try from 4 different people with this one particular company. I wait for them to show up in the mail … but they never come! And no one ever follows up to ask if I received them or if I like the product.

So I'm thinking that either they all meant to send me the samples and just didn't get around to it OR they sent them, they all got lost in the mail (really?) and then they forgot to follow up with me.

Either way … that's no way to run a business.

Do you have a system in place for your customers so that you aren't missing out on product sales? Are you following up with your customers on a regular basis to see if they need more?

If you aren't regularly following up with your existing customers, you're missing out on a TON of sales and you're doing your customers a disservice!

Maybe you've “meant” to follow up but just haven't got around to it or it feels pushy or “salesy” to you to ask your customers to buy from you again. But that's making it about you, not about them!

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To your success!