Are You Comparing Your Apple to Their Orange?

We've all heard about the dangers of comparitis, right? Especially in network marketing, we're warned not to compare ourselves to where others are in their journey. We each have our own path, and we should celebrate that because it's all about the journey not the destination … blah blah blah.

Sorry, but even though we know about this dangerous “disease”, it's really hard to be working your butt off in your business for months or even years, and not compare yourself to people who are ranking up and making sales out the ying-yang when you're business isn't exploding like you thought it would.

So what if there was a better comparison to be making than comparing your apple to their orange?

I think there is!

The best person you can compare yourself to is YOU!

What the heck does that mean? Well, I want you to take a minute and think about all the things you've done and learned since you started your business. Instead of comparing yourself to that damn Martha who is always being celebrated for her success … you know her … you really like her but you secretly roll your eyes every time something good happens to her (ugh! Martha! It's ok, I'm not judging you!) … let's compare you to you!

Think about where you were when you first started your business, and where you are today. And let's celebrate every stinkin' thing! Because what you focus on expands! So let's focus on what YOU have accomplished rather than someone else.

  • Did you used to break out in a sweat before having a meeting to share your opportunity, but now you feel more comfortable doing it? Celebrate THAT!
  • Did you used to fumble your words trying to explain the benefits of your amazing products but now you can make a list a mile long without even thinking about it? Celebrate THAT!
  • Did the thought of doing a Live video used to make you want to run like Forrest Gump but now you have at least one under your belt? Celebrate THAT!
  • Have you been building your business for more than a year? Because statistics show that a minimum of 50% of people who join an MLM drop out in the first year. You're still in it! Celebrate the shizzle out of THAT!

Stop comparing yourself to the Marthas of the world, and be proud of everything you've done to get better.

I guarantee if you never give up, something will click or shift for you, and you will suddenly BE the person you’ve tried to become. It’s inevitable. And that will give you strength to tackle the next level … because there's always a next level!

I'm celebrating YOU today, and I hope you will allow yourself to celebrate YOU too!

To your success!


P.S. P.S. If your business isn't where you'd like it to be, I invite you to schedule a free *Business Blueprint Session* with me HERE so we can dig into what's stopping you from gaining the success you want, and create a plan to get you there!