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Sharing Not Selling?

Sharing Not Selling? I’m Calling BS

It was 8 years ago this week when I started my journey in network marketing! And I’m celebrating because it was one of the most pivotal decisions I ever made in my life! The personal growth, friendships, courses, training, mentoring and experiences just from that one decision have been truly life changing for me. During the first team meeting […]

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Protecting Your Reputation When Marketing Online

I was going through my messages on LinkedIn the other day, and I was shocked at what someone said to me. I’d been connected to this “gentleman” for over a year, and I had sent him a link to take my quiz to uncover his success secret. This is the first time I’ve ever had a response like this […]

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Why Aunt Betty Isn’t Your Ideal Prospect

Guess what!  Your Aunt Betty is NOT your ideal prospect! It’s also not your best friend, the waitress who gave you excellent service, or someone you went to school with that you haven’t talked to in over 20 years. In network marketing, we call those people your “warm market” but the warm refers to your relationship with […]

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Let the Ball Come To You

I was watching an old Canadian TV show the other day from the 90s called, “North of 60”. I didn’t watch it when it first came out but over the past winter, I watched pretty much every episode. And it’s the kind of show that if you come across it while flipping channels, you end up […]

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My Best Advice for Network and Affiliate Marketers

I did a training the other night for a group of network marketers, and the topic I was training on is something I’m really passionate about.And this topic is hands-down my best piece of advice for you and your business!If you’re building your business online using social media, you need to be building an email […]

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