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My Best Advice for Network and Affiliate Marketers

I did a training the other night for a group of network marketers, and the topic I was training on is something I’m really passionate about.And this topic is hands-down my best piece of advice for you and your business!If you’re building your business online using social media, you need to be building an email […]

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The Network Marketer’s and Affiliate Marketer’s Secret Weapon

A few years ago when I was still building my network marketing business, the absolute smartest thing I did was start to build an email list.To be honest, at the time I didn’t really understand the importance of having a list. My warm market had run out, and in searching for ways to build my […]

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Using the AIDA Copywriting Formula to Write Compelling Copy

Here’s a little tip for you that you can use when writing social media posts, blogs, articles and emails! AIDA is a very popular copywriting formula used in marketing. If you follow this formula, it can help you create some very compelling posts. Here’s how it works:Attention – Get the reader’s attentionInterest – Create interest so […]

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Harness the Power of Story Telling to Grow Your Business

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is make myself a delicious cup of coffee. While the coffee is brewing, I go around and open the curtains in the living room to let in the light. And the whole time I’m trying to make my coffee and open those curtains, my little […]

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List Building Tips and Why Your Email List is Your Most Valuable Asset

Just the other day, a guy that I’m “Friends” with on Facebook sent me a message in Messenger. Looking back through the chat, we had connected in 2017, had a brief chat about having mutual friends, and that was it.And then 2 days ago he messaged me saying it’s been awhile and asked how I’m […]

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