Create A Deeper Connection With Prospects By Understanding Their “Bird”​ Personality Type

Have you ever taken a personality assessment like the DISC profile? DISC is an acronym for the four main personality types of people, and by understanding these personality types, you'll have a powerful tool that will help you quickly build rapport with prospects for your business.

There are other personality assessments like Myers-Briggs or the color test, but the easiest way I've found to understand personality types is based on bird types which I learned about through a book called “Taking Flight” by Merrick Rosenberg and Daniel Silvert.

If you can recognize your prospect's main personality type, it will help you when sharing your business opportunity because you'll understand what appeals most to them, and you'll be able to connect with them better.

Start with thinking about someone close to you like your partner or a good friend. You know them very well, so how would you categorize them?

DISC = Dominant, Influential, Steady & Conscientious

When you use the birds, it helps make a bit more sense.

Consider the traits of these birds. Eagles are strong and swift, so when you think about a person being like an eagle, they're very focused on achieving results. They take immediate action and aren't afraid to take risks. They focus on the big picture, and don't want to be bogged down with details.

A parrot is very interactive and loves to be the center of attention. People with this personality type thrive in social situations, are very outgoing and inspirational. They tend to be quite optimistic, are excited for new adventures, and are very influential with the people they know.

A dove is known to be very calm, and they like to create safe environments. People with this personality type are very empathetic, compassionate, and supportive to those around them. They love to create community and build deep, lasting relationships.

Finally, the owl is thought of as being very wise, quiet and thoughtful. When you think about people with this type of personality, they tend to be very detail-oriented, and love to have step-by-step systems to follow. They're quite analytical and don't make decisions quickly.

So what does all this have to do with prospects for your business?

If you can learn to read what type of personality your prospect has, you'll be able to serve them better by delivering information to them in a way that best suits them.

For example, you wouldn't want to share “all the details” with an eagle type or they'll lose interest. On the other hand, an owl personality would definitely want to know everything before they felt ready to make a decision.

I hope this helps you when meeting with your prospects. The more you can focus on the needs of your prospects, the better conversations you will have because they'll feel more of a connection with you.

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