How to Create and Build Deeper Relationships with Your Customers

This might sound like a bit of a rant, and ok, maybe it is ... but I've been thinking about it, and I don't want you to make the same mistake with your business.

So I have to share.

Let me start by saying, being involved in network marketing, I truly believe we should all support each other. We want to have customers buying our products, so when we need something, it only makes sense to search out a network marketing company that has the products we need. Right?

Ok, so I recently bought some new products from someone I connected with on LinkedIn.

Actually, I have to tell you a funny story about this. I've connected with hundreds of consultants with this company, and so many people have offered to send me samples. And I'm always like, "Sure! I've heard such good things about your products!", because I have! And I wanted to try them!

Seriously ... at least 5 people have taken my address ... and the samples have never arrived.

And I don't think they actually sent them because not one of them followed up and asked if I received them. (It was starting to become a game for me to ask for samples haha! Would samples EVER come? The suspense was amazing!).

So back to my *rant* ...

DON'T DO THAT! Either don't offer samples, or send the damn samples if you say you're going to, or if for some reason you aren't going to send them, let your potential customer KNOW!

I spent a lot of time messaging back and forth with the gal that I bought these products from. You know how it is ... figuring out what I need, what the best package was for me and sorting that all out. And she was really great! She pre-filled a cart for me, sent me the link so all I had to do was sign up and check out. I thought that was pretty awesome! I didn't have that option back when I was building my network marketing business ... super cool!

Then she told me that she was "putting me in her email sequence" and I should get an email in a couple of days. Sigh.

Now if you know me at all, I take email marketing super seriously. I know the power of it, and it makes me die a little bit inside when I see someone doing their best but really missing out and leaving money behind on the table.

I'm getting generic emails from her network marketing company, but I haven't heard a word from the lady I ordered from! And it's been almost 3 weeks! And I want an additional product to go with what I already ordered, but she hasn't bothered to ask me if I like them, how they're working for me, or if I have any questions!

AND I DO! I love the products and I want more! But I would love to have someone who knows the products just tell me which one to order!

But ... silence ... crickets. Opportunity missed.

You might think that the automatic emails your company sends out are going to do the job for you, and they might ... but if you aren't taking control of your customers, and emailing them yourself, you are taking a big risk in your business.

Without your personal connection, if they come across someone else who takes time with them, helps them, and follows up with them, they will move on to buying products from that person!

Honestly! It took me a couple of days to remember her name! And it drove me nuts that I forgot her name! That's not good at all.

Multiply that by all your customers ... it's HUGE!

In business, there's nothing more important than personal connection. Your customers will be more inclined to reorder and be loyal about buying your products if YOU give them the absolute BEST damn customer service they have ever seen!

Everyone likes to feel special, and with one simple thing, you can do that for ALL your customers!

You need to take your email marketing into your OWN hands! If you start cultivating and building relationships with your customers, you will EXPLODE your product sales!

AND! I've created a course which is specifically designed to help you to get started with email marketing.

With the *Easy Email Formula for Network Marketers* ...

  • You'll discover the power of the simple "Welcome Email" and what you can do to leverage its clout.

  • You'll learn how to create an automated nurture sequence of emails to cultivate your "Know, Like and Trust" factor with your customers.

  • You'll find out how to craft killer subject lines that will compel your customers to open and read your emails.

  • You'll learn the key ingredients for writing emails that inspire your customers to do business with you.

  • You'll discover the strength of automation and how it can keep the single most important part of your business on autopilot.

  • You'll be introduced to a super-efficient "personal assistant" tool that can save you time and fill your calendar with appointments.

And let's not forget all the FREE BONUSES! Who doesn't like bonuses? I sure do, and I know you're going to love them! You will get ...

  • Sample Welcome Sequence including a "swipe file" for an initial welcome email along with the next two emails in your welcome sequence.

  • Weekly Marketing Planner to pre-plan your content for every day of the week as well as how you will share it (social media, email etc.).

  • Thought Process Cheat Sheet that will give you a powerful framework for emails and posts that will engage your prospects.

  • 45-Minute Easy Email Strategy Call so I can help you implement what you've learned after you've been through the course.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, email marketing is the holy grail of DRIPPING on people!

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To your success!

P.S. Oh! BETH! Her name is Beth! Now what's her last name? !@#$%