Creating Better Engagement On Your Social Media Posts

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a big fan of LinkedIn for building your business.

The LinkedIn platform was made for business, so no one is ever surprised or offended when you post about business. It's perfect!

Part of warming up the algorithm on LinkedIn so more people see your posts in their feed is to like and comment on other peoples' posts.

I've noticed something recently in several groups that I'm in, and I wanted to give you some tips so that your posts aren't going to waste, so to speak.

I saw several posts where people have shared a link to an article or blog written by someone else, but they aren't providing any context of why they're sharing that post.

If you want to encourage engagement on your posts, you need to tell people why you're sharing that particular post.

This is especially important when you're sharing content that isn't your own. I mean, what's the point of sharing someone else's post?

If you're trying to give value to your audience, that's great! But if you want to be seen as a leader, sharing your insight about that post or asking a question and inviting people to respond in the comments will encourage much more engagement on your posts.

How do you invite people to join your team? By having a conversation with them! And, if you want to have conversations with people, you have to start the conversation!

Another thing I've noticed lately is that people aren't making sure their links actually work!

If you've managed to interest someone enough to click on your link, you need to make sure that your link is going to take them where you want them to go.

Most people won't bother to let you know the link doesn't work, they'll just move on to something else.

I highly recommend that if you're sharing a link anywhere that you test it!

Seems like a simple thing but it's amazing how many broken links I come across.

Last tip ... spelling and grammar count! Read over your posts to make sure that they make sense, and if you're not 100% sure if you've spelled something properly, that old Google won't let you down! Just type "how do you spell ________" and poof! Your answer will appear! It's magic, I tell ya!

I always say, it's the little things in life that make all the difference. I hope these little tips will help you in getting more engagement, and not let your posts go to waste!

To your success!

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