How to Gain Momentum in Your Business with Just ONE Thing

I've been doing this ONE thing consistently over the past 3 years, and because of it, I'm having amazing results with my business!

You'll be surprised at the power of this ONE thing.

You'll be amazed at how simple this ONE thing can be.

Do you want to know what it is?

<insert drum roll here!>

The ONE thing I have been doing consistently … is DOING my one thing!

< ??? insert floating question mark over your head ??? >

Sorry, did I just lose you there? How can the ONE thing be DOING the one thing?

Let me break it down for you so it makes more sense.

If you think about all the big goals you have for your business, it can be a little overwhelming. But if you chunk things down, it makes everything feel more manageable.

If you have something you want to complete in your business this week, ask yourself, “What is the ONE thing I need to do EVERY DAY this week to achieve my weekly goal?”.

So if today is Monday, what is the ONE thing … if NOTHING ELSE got done … what is that ONE thing you need to do every day to reach your weekly goal?

For example, if your weekly goal is to do a Live video on social medial 5 times a week, your ONE thing that you need to do EVERY DAY is a Live video.

Now I realize that there are so many more things you NEED to do on a daily basis, but if you didn't get to any of them except your ONE thing … what would that ONE thing be to meet your weekly goal?

And then write your ONE thing down on your daily list of things to do in the #1 spot on your list. And make it non-negotiable.

Just ONE thing that you commit to doing no matter what.

(By the way, you can use my Consistency Creator Checklist to help you start doing this!)

By focusing on the ONE thing instead of EVERYTHING, at the very least, you will accomplish that one weekly goal you've set.

And it makes you FEEL GOOD!! And when you feel good about your business, it feels EASY! And when it feels EASY (instead of feeling like you want to crawl into a corner and cry) then SUCCESS in your business will start to flow!

And then you just expand it!

What's the ONE thing you need to complete each week to complete your monthly goal?

What's the ONE thing you need to complete each month to complete your big goal for the year?

It sounds simple but in a world where we all seem to think we need to multi-task … focusing on the ONE thing will move your business forward … and that's momentum … and that's what we all want!

To your success!


P.S. If you want help figuring out YOUR ONE THING, take advantage of a complimentary Business Blueprint Session with me! Let's get YOUR business into momentum!!

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