How to Use the Power of Attraction Marketing & Personal Branding to Build Your Network Marketing Biz

I did a short video awhile ago about the Federal Trade Commission cracking down on network marketers for making false claims about immunity products and the pandemic as well as for making claims about potential earnings without any disclaimers. It's NOT good. If you missed that you can WATCH IT HERE. I hope you'll look through your email for it and read it! You don't want to get your business shut down!

I've been thinking about this situation, and it really reminded me how much more effective it is to be using personal branding and attraction marketing for building a network marketing business.

If you're branding yourself and using attraction marketing as opposed to slathering your company name all over the place with hashtags, you totally set yourself apart from the people who make these false, unethical claims that only damage the reputation of multi-level marketing.

When you're building your business with the foundation of giving value and providing leadership, it strengthens the trustworthiness of the amazing industry of network marketing rather than adding to the stigma that it's just a pyramid scheme and everyone is drunk on the kool-aid!

Now more than ever, people will be looking for ways to create income. If you want to stand out in the “sea of sameness”, you have to do something different than what everyone else is doing. In case you forgot, you're pretty amazing, and there's only ONE of you in the whole wide world. CAPITALIZE ON THAT! It's all yours!

If you don't have my free guide, “5 Easy Steps to Create Influence Online”, you can GRAB IT HERE! This guide will show you how to let your awesome vibe attract your tribe!

To your success!

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