If You’re Going To Tell Yourself a Story, Make It a Good One!

I have a question for you today!

What story are you telling yourself about your business?

Do you ever catch yourself saying things like this …

  • I really want to build my business but it's hard because I work full time
  • It's hard to build my business during the summer because everyone is in “holiday mode”
  • I'm having a hard time building my business because my husband doesn't really support me

Or anything else that sounds like your business isn't where you want it because of something?

When things aren't going the way we expect, it's easy to make excuses and justify where we're at because of something … because we're busy, because we're not supported, because <insert excuse here>.

But guess what!

You can have success or you can have your excuses … you can't have both!

As soon as you decide to take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your business, you will see a positive shift in your results.

You hold the power! You get to decide!

If you're going to tell yourself a story about your business, make it a good one!

Why not something like this …

“My business is constantly growing and expanding, and I can't wait to see what's in store for me next!”

Just a little reminder to *mind your mind* … allowing yourself to believe your excuses is going to keep you stuck … flowing positive energy to your business will only make it grow!

To your success!

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