Let the Ball Come To You

I was watching an old Canadian TV show the other day from the 90s called, "North of 60". I didn't watch it when it first came out but over the past winter, I watched pretty much every episode.

And it's the kind of show that if you come across it while flipping channels, you end up watching it even if you've seen it before. (I have the same problem with Seinfeld!).

So like I said, an old episode was on the other day and Sarah (like you know these people!) said something that caught my attention.

She said, "Sometimes you have to let the ball come to you".

She was using baseball as an analogy, and was talking about how some baseball players have trouble when all they focus on is getting a home run. She said, "Sometimes you just have to focus on getting on base."

This is exactly like building your network marketing business!

Do you ever find it overwhelming thinking about how in the world you're going to build that big team so you can rank all the way up to the top?

It's a lot!

So what if you let the ball come to you, and focus on getting on base rather than to the top of your company?

Letting the ball come to you is just like attraction marketing. Rather than chasing and begging everyone you know to take a look at your business opportunity, focus on giving value to your ideal prospect so that they're reaching out to you for more.

And when they do reach out, that's like getting on base. Now all you need to do is build and nurture your relationship with them by giving them even more value.

The more you do this, the more you'll be showing them that you're the leader they want to follow if they want to have success in business.

I recently shared tips on how to start building an email list so that you can nurture your relationships with your prospects. And if you know me, you know how passionate I am about growing an email list if you're an online marketer.

You're business will feel a lot easier if you just let that ball come to you and stop chasing after people who aren't interested.

To your success!