Let Your Ceiling Be Your Floor and Flip Your Limiting Beliefs Upside Down!

I was on a mindset group coaching call today, and a lot of people were talking about where they thought they should be on a project everyone is working on individually.

People were saying, “Oh man! I'm so behind! I'm still in Phase 2, and I should be further ahead!”

Have you had those thoughts about your business? Have you ever said to yourself, “I should be making more money by now”, or “I should be at a higher rank by now”, or “I should have sponsored way more people by now!”

So let me ask you a question … WHO SAYS?

Because if you “SHOULD” yourself, you only bring on the guilt!

Think about every time you've said, “I should be”, or “I should have” when talking about a goal you haven't met or something you haven't done.

It doesn't make you feel good, does it?

It just makes you feel bad!

It makes you feel guilty for not doing something or getting to a certain place!

And what does that do? It traps you! Sometimes it makes you just give up! It's like you've created a ceiling that's holding you down from where you want to go!

Thoughts and feelings like, “I'm never going to get there!”, or “I'm never going to be successful!” start to creep in, and it is impossible to create a flourishing business with those thoughts swirling around in your head!

So what if you flipped that ceiling on it's head? What if you made that ceiling your new floor?

When you make your CEILING your new FLOOR, it creates NEW SPACE FOR GROWTH!

When you make your ceiling your floor, it's no longer holding you back, making you feel guilty and keeping you stuck!

Instead of thinking about where you should be, think about all you have done! If you're serious about building a thriving business, I'm sure you've worked really hard already to get to where you are right now! Even if you don't see the results you'd like to see … yet!

Next time you're feeling like you aren't where you think you should be, take a few minutes and reflect on everything you have done to build your business, and give yourself a big fat pat on the back!

You should feel so good about all you've learned, all you've done and all the effort you've put in so far to get to where you are! Give yourself the credit you DESERVE!

No matter where you are right now, it's exactly where you should be! You're at the ground floor now with so much space for growth!

Let your current ceiling be your new floor, flip those limiting beliefs on their head, and embrace all the space you have for growth! You got this!

To your success!


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