Meeting With Prospects – Make It a Conversation, Not a Speech

When I first started in network marketing, I was told that it was really important to learn “the presentation”. My upline had prepared “the presentation”, and everyone on the team was supposed to learn it for when they met with a prospect.

“The presentation” was very much like “the company video”. It was all centered around how amazing the company, products, ingredients and comp plan were, and it highlighted how you could earn incentive trips, jewelry, cash and even a car!

There was even a little flip chart you could print out and share while doing “the presentation” to keep you on-point and help your prospect follow along … fancy stuff!

But my direct sponsor was a bit of a rebel. Even though she knew that presentation inside and out, she didn't do “the presentation” when we first talked about the business.

{Side note: I eventually watched her do it, complete with a full slideshow, at a hotel meeting for our team to bring our prospects to. Honestly, watching her give “the presentation” scared the living crap out of me because I did NOT have the skills or the balls to do something like THAT!}

Do you know what she DID do? She made it a conversation, not a speech. She told me that later she'd share all the info about the company and products, but first, she wanted to know about ME!

By asking me questions about me, my family, and what I really wanted my life to look like, she painted a picture that made me feel like I could actually create exactly what I wanted by starting my own business.

I didn't care about a big fancy car, I just wanted to retire my husband from his back-breaking job! I just wanted to get myself out of debt! She made me believe that I could afford to take a vacation that wasn't just another stay-cation in my backyard! I was hooked! I was all IN!

When you meet with prospects, are you taking time to find out what they want?

Or are you giving them a lecture about why they should want to start a business with you?

Are you connecting with them on a deeper level so that they feel you understand what they want, and that you're the leader that can help them?

Or are you focusing on sharing what you think they should be impressed and motivated by?

Remember … everyone is thinking “What's in it for me?”, and the only way to find out what's important to your prospect is to dig deep, and ask the right questions.

This is a fundamental skill for your business that you can learn, and it will help you bring new team members on with ease.

This is one of the most important skills I help my clients with, and if you want to close more prospects into your business, click here to schedule a “Closing Mastery” call with me and let's talk!

To your success!

P.S. I've closed over 200k in sales using this mighty little skill, and you can learn it too! And the best part about it is that it never feels *salesy* … it feels real and authentic, and that's the best way to connect with your ideal prospect. Book your call here!