One Powerful Tool to Create Flow In Your Business

I was thinking about you this morning. I was thinking … what's one thing I could share with you that would help you in your business?

And then it dawned on me! I've used this little tool for so long that I almost forgot how freakin' awesome it is!

Are you ready for it?

Ta da! It's the online calendar! Oooooh! Ahhhhhh!

Seriously, oooooh and ahhhhhh! This tool is so powerful! It really is like having a personal assistant!

Have you ever had this kind of conversation with someone when trying to set up a time to talk about your business?

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I remember playing “the appointment game” when I first started with my business, and it drove me nuts! But once I got myself an online calendar (ooooh! ahhhh!) it made it so simple and easy to set up an appointment with someone! And I'm all about simple and easy!

This is how my conversations go now …

Me: “Here's a link to my calendar to make it easy to set up a time to chat that works for both of us: .”

And then they pick a date and time that you're available and works for them too!

Poof! Done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

There are lots of online calendars available, but the one I use and really love is Acuity Scheduling. I love all the features, and it's really easy to set up! If you want to check it out, click HERE for details. You can start with a free one, and then upgrade according to your needs. SIMPLE!

That's my *tip du jour* … hope it helps you get more appointments scheduled without having to play “the appointment game”!

To your success!


P.S. If you want to discover more ways to make your business easier, click HERE to see my online calendar, and schedule a *Business Blueprint Session* with me!