Sharing Not Selling?

Sharing Not Selling? I’m Calling BS

It was 8 years ago this week when I started my journey in network marketing! And I'm celebrating because it was one of the most pivotal decisions I ever made in my life!

The personal growth, friendships, courses, training, mentoring and experiences just from that one decision have been truly life changing for me.

During the first team meeting I attended, I remember being told that it's "just sharing, not selling" so just make that list of 100 people and share with a true heart.

Whew! What a relief! Just share with a bunch of people, and I'd be reaching that top rank and driving that fancy car in no time at all! No problem!

Except it was a problem.

Because I didn't know how to connect with my prospects so that they trusted me enough to join me.

And rather than that easy feeling of "just sharing", I always walked away feeling like I was begging and trying to convince people they should want something they really weren't interested in. It was brutal.

Can you relate? Do you find it hard to talk about your business without feeling desperate and salesy?

What if you could learn a new way to have a conversation about your business without feeling uncomfortable? And what if it just felt easy?

Well, it can! And I can help you!

I have a program designed specifically to show you how to have conversations with prospects that create connection and trust so that you can sign up new team members with ease!

My Expect Success Closing Mastery program includes the following:

  • A deep-dive *Discovery Call* so I can learn about you and your business, find out what you're struggling with, and uncover your biggest recruiting blocks;

  • Three additional 1-on-1 coaching sessions where I'll coach you on recruiting new team members with ease AND how to handle objections;

  • A script tailored specifically to you and your business that you can follow when talking with new prospects so that you can feel completely comfortable presenting your business opportunity;

  • Plus a BONUS! I'll also give you access to training and coaching where you'll learn how to find prospects who already have a proven interest in what you have to offer!

If you're ready to step into your greatness and become a *Master Closer*, then book a call with me, and let's do this together!

To your success!

P.S. I've made the most progress in my business when I've had a coach to lean on, to learn from, and to support me when things felt hard. Let me be that person for YOU!

Teresa Jessen