The 3 Cs That Will Propel Your Business Into Momentum

Do you remember when you were a little kid? Feels like yesterday to me, but … not so much!

Anyway … do you remember when you first learned to ride a bike? I was born in 1966 (please don't do the math!) and in my day (sounding like an old lady!), there were no training wheels! It was do or die! (ok it was do or fall off your one-foot high little bike!!) But when you're a kid, that's scary!

And so what do you do to get better? You keep trying … you keep practicing … you do it every day (psst! this is the first C!) because you love your bike AND it's scary all at the same time!

You are CONSISTENT at trying to get better by riding that bike every day.

So then once you're consistently riding that bike every day … what happens?

Ready for this? It's the second C!

You're determined! You're getting on that bike every day! You are consistently doing your best to get better at riding that !@#$% bike and then boom!

You got this! You know how to ride that bike without falling off and scraping all your bendy parts!

Woo hoo! You are now COMPETENT at riding a bike!! At last! YaY!

Do you remember how that felt? To just know you can totally ride a bike?

Best feeling EVER!

And then guess what THAT feeling leads to?

Yes! It's the third C!

You're riding that bike like a pro! Uphill? No problem! Downhill? Piece of cake! Stopping before you get hit by a car? Always!

You are THE bike rider of all time! (or at least YOU think so!)

And how do you feel? The third C! You feel CONFIDENT!

And how amazingly comfortable is it to do something you are confident about? It's the BEST!

(You thought I was going to say Cocky, didn't you?!)

Now think about this in terms of your business.

Is there something that you know you need to be doing but it makes you uncomfortable to do?

This 3 C thing is for real!

and it's not always easy … BUT!


And like I said, it's not easy, but if you consistently do the thing you need to do, it's inevitable that you will become competent at it.

And once you're competent, it's inevitable that you'll become confident!

And once you feel confident … success is INEVITABLE!

And then repeat with the next *thing*!

To your success!


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