The 3 Pillars of a Thriving Business

Have you done a review of your business strategies lately? Do you actually have a strategy for building your business?

To that last question, you might be thinking, "Duh! Of course I have a strategy!", but if you were to sit down and write your business-building strategy out on paper, does it have all of these pillars I'm about to share with you?

Pillar #1 - Targeted Prospect (Lead) Generation

Do you currently have a system in place to find new qualified prospects for your business? And when I say qualified, I mean people who are the most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

There's no better time to be using social media to build your business than now, but more than just posting on the socials, do you have a system for capturing your prospect's or potential customer's email address so you can continue to connect with them?

Pillar #2 - Personal Branding

There is one thing that you have that no one else on the entire planet has! And that is YOU! There is no one else like you, and you need to use that to your advantage. 

People don't join companies, people join people! Are you letting your vibe attract your tribe, or are you just promoting your company, products or services like the other thousands of distributors in your company? Are you standing out in that sea of sameness?

Pillar #3 - Relationship Cultivation

Most people you approach aren't going to join your business or buy your products the first time you ask. Some will, but most won't. I'm sure you've heard about dripping on people until they're ready to take action, and the most effective way of doing that is through email marketing. 

When you use email marketing as a business strategy, you have a way of letting people get to know, like and trust you which will in turn lead to new business partners and sales.

Do you have these three pillars in place for your business? Does it freak you out just to think about all that? It actually sounds more complicated than it is but once you have these things in place, your business will start to grow, and you'll be reaching way more people in a truly significant way.

To your success!

P.S.  Ready to start putting your pillars in place but don't know where to start? Click HERE to schedule a *Business Blueprint Session* with me so I can help you!