The Biggest Mistake to Avoid When Promoting Your Products Online

What do you do when you see an ad or a post about a product that interests you? More than likely, you click on it to read more about it, right?

And what happens if you get distracted in the middle of that ad or post?

If you start thinking about it later, you'll probably Google the product name, or if you can't remember what it was, you'll Google the topic to see if you can find the product you were looking at.

And you may or may not find that exact product. But Google will definitely serve you up a whole list of options that relate to what you were searching for. And if what Google finds for you seems to fit your needs, you'll probably buy it, right?

This is the biggest mistake to avoid, because if you're sharing your products on social media, you run the risk of people going off to Google, Amazon or Ebay to buy what you're selling.

And that sucks! So what can you do to avoid this?

The best way to share your products on social media, is to be talking more about the benefits of the product rather than posting a picture of it or sharing the name of the product and the company that sells it.

You can spark a lot of interest by sharing a story about how the product has helped you or someone close to you without actually saying what the product is. You can talk about what you struggled with before you found the solution, and how it's solved your problem.

Then you simply give a call to action and tell your audience to contact you to learn more about it.

You always want to be leading people back to you for the solution to their problem, not sending them off on a Google rampage that doesn't get you the sale.

So let me ask you this question ... do you feel uncomfortable with following up with your existing customers for more sales? Because if you're letting your discomfort stop you from asking for the sale, guess what? No sales.

And that sucks too.

If you want to move past the discomfort of sales, and have a system in place that will encourage regular orders from your customers, then you need The Secret Sauce to Exploding Product Sales for Network Marketers!

This simple 5-step system will help you create deeper relationships with your customers, and generate more sales of your products and services.

The big companies of the world don't feel bad for trying to sell something to you, and you shouldn't feel bad about selling either! You started a business to make money, and the way to make money is through sales! It's not a bad thing!

To your success!

P.S. Even though your company sends out emails to your customers, you never know if they've unsubscribed so take control of your customer base and watch your sales explode!