Using the AIDA Copywriting Formula to Write Compelling Copy

Here's a little tip for you that you can use when writing social media posts, blogs, articles and emails!

AIDA is a very popular copywriting formula used in marketing. If you follow this formula, it can help you create some very compelling posts. Here's how it works:

Attention - Get the reader's attention
Interest - Create interest so they keep reading
Desire - Share a benefit which creates desire
Action - Give a call to action

If you keep this little formula in mind, it can make writing so much easier because who likes looking at a blank screen wondering how to word what you want to say?


Here's an example of AIDA in action with an article I created on LinkedIn, then put here on my blog (repurposing is brilliant!).

The image I used for the article definitely grabs attention because of the title and also the colors of the image. It's very bright, bold, and eye-catching.

Here's what I wrote to create interest in learning more ...

"There's a BIG mistake a lot of marketers make when trying to promote their products online.

Don't make this mistake or you're going to be losing a ton of sales, and all your efforts will be a waste of your precious time!"

The article itself is written like a story making my point about what not to do when sharing your products online. If you've been making the mistake I talk about, learning how it can be losing you sales creates the desire for the solution so you don't make that mistake anymore.

Then I have a call to action which is to grab my free guide, The Secret Sauce to EXPLODING Product Sales.

When you use AIDA, you can even use it to work backwards. If you know what action you want someone to take, then work back from there to fill in the other pieces and voila! Compelling copywriting made easy!

To your success!

P.S. Take a look through your Inbox ... every subject line you see is the "A" in AIDA in action!