What Message Are You REALLY Sending?

I've come across some “interesting” posts on social media lately.

I'm sure you've seen them too … you know those really long honkin' posts people put up when they've just accomplished something amazing in their life?  The ones where every line has an emoticon that emphasizes each thing that's happened?

Yeah, those posts.

When I see these posts and they're from a friend I care about, I think, “Woo hoo! Good for you! That's awesome!”.

But when I see those posts from people that I don't know, my first thought is more like, “Well, that's great for YOU … thanks for sharing.” It doesn't inspire me.

This got me thinking about the messaging and posting we do as online marketers. It's fantastic to celebrate our milestones, but if you're using those posts to attract people to YOUR business, you have to remember the burning question in everyone's mind …


Here's an example of what I mean … when you read this post below, what do you think?

I think, “Good for you, I'm happy for you!”. And that's about it. 

It's got nothing to do with me or how I can actually have the same success.

But when I read a post like this …

When I read that post I think, “Yes!!  This is the person I've been looking for to help me!”


Because it's not about YOU … it's all about THEM!

If you keep in mind “what's in it for me” when you are posting on social media, your message is going to resonate with so many more people … and that's the point, right?

To your success!


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