Why Aunt Betty Isn’t Your Ideal Prospect

Guess what!  Your Aunt Betty is NOT your ideal prospect!

It's also not your best friend, the waitress who gave you excellent service, or someone you went to school with that you haven't talked to in over 20 years.

In network marketing, we call those people your "warm market" but the warm refers to your relationship with them. The warm part does not refer to their interest in starting their own business.

Now some of these people might be interested in joining you in your business, but you can't pin your hopes and dreams on them.

So much of the training I got when I first started my network marketing business was all the different ways to convince people why they should join your team.

Like this little scenario ...

Do you know someone who's a real go-getter? Always taking on new projects and busy all the time? Well then! They're perfect for your business!

Why are they perfect?

Wait for it ...

Because busy people are successful people!

Really? The mother of three who works full time, enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering, has her kids involved in sports and activities they need to be chauffeured to and from at least 3 nights a week plus weekends ... she's your ideal prospect?

For sure! Because you can fit this business into the nooks and crannies! (insert eye roll here!)

If that Mom had an extra nook or cranny in her life, I'm sure she'd be using it to recharge, not to take on another commitment that requires more of her time and effort.

And this is why I was so excited (and relieved!) to learn about personal branding and attraction marketing!

It feels so much better to have people raising their hand to let you know they're interested in what you have to offer than alienating your friends and family or having awkward conversations with strangers in the mall. (Been there, done that!)

When you start branding yourself and sharing the kind of valuable content your ideal prospect is looking for, they're going to come to you! No more chasing people!

And the best part is that you get to choose how you brand yourself! What lights you up? Health and wellness? Beauty and skin care? Entrepreneurship?

There's so much more to you than the company you represent. People join people! And the more you more you brand yourself as the "go-to person" for what you have to offer, the more you will attract people to you who are ready and willing to either purchase your products, join your team or both!

If you don't have my free guide, 5 Easy Steps to Create Influence and Grow Your Team, it's a great reference to use to start building out your own personal brand and attracting the perfect prospect to you.

To your success!