What’s Happening With Tik Tok Should Be a Warning for YOUR Business!

If this year isn't crazy enough already!

Did you hear what's just happened with Tik Tok? Trump signed an executive order to ban Tik Tok from operating in the US unless it's sold to a US buyer!

Such a shame! I've seem some HILARIOUS Tik Tok videos, and I think so many people have been having fun with it during this lock-down we've all been in. I think it's been so great for people to take their minds off life and just have a good laugh!

And, as someone who's building a network marketing business online, this really should be a warning to YOU!

Just think about this! So many people have started using Tik Tok for business, getting fantastic exposure and collecting THOUSANDS of followers! It's been a great tool!

But what do you think happens if their Tik Tok account is shut down?

All those followers they worked so hard to get just disappear ... POOF!

And the same thing could happen with any other social media platform at any time!

I'm pretty sure it won't happen ... but it totally can! You don't own your social media accounts, you merely have access to them.

You don't make the rules! You don't get a say in what happens, what's allowed, what's not allowed or anything else! You just have an account, and you have the privilege of using that social media account to grow your business. That's it.

Do you know what you DO own and have COMPLETE control over?


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