Would YOU Eat the Marshmallow?

Around 1969, George Mischell, a Stanford researcher, used 300 five-year-olds to conduct an experiment.

With each child, he placed a single marshmallow in front of them and gave them a choice. He told them that they could go ahead and eat that marshmallow OR if they waited and didn't eat the marshmallow for 15 minutes, he would give them another marshmallow.

George left the room, and each child was left to decide whether they would eat that marshmallow or wait.

What do you think your five-year-old self would do? Would you eat it? Would you wait?

Because the decision you would make says everything about you.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? In the 1800s, Vilfredo Pareto observed a phenomenon in the distribution of wealth in Italy. He found that the majority of wealth was held by a minority of the people, and that the minority of wealth was held by most of the people. His theory became know as the “Pareto Principle” which held that 80% of outcome is derived from 20% of all input. As he continued researching, it showed that this 80/20 formula had an even broader application.

Back to those kids and the marshmallow test … would you be surprised to know that 80% of those 300 five-year-olds ate the marshmallow?

Only 20% were able to wait! The other 80% were overwhelmed by their need for instant gratification!

The experiment didn't end there. When these kids were 17 years old, the researcher tracked them down, and found that the 20% who did not eat the marshmallow had higher GPAs, higher SAT scores, and were judged to be more socially advanced.

Again they were studied when they were about 40 years old, and the non-marshmallow eaters were found to have higher academic attainment, more career advancement and greater earning power. They had more relationship satisfaction and even a lower body-mass index!

Then in the 2000s with the advance of science and technology, the kids who were in their 50s were examined one more time. They completed brain scans on all of them. By looking at two areas of the subject's brain, they were able to predict with complete accuracy whether or not that person ate the marshmallow in the initial experiment.

Two conclusions were drawn from the Marshmallow Test:

  1. The ability to delay gratification is the major determining factor of how successful we are going to be in virtually every part of our life, and
  2. That ability is hardwired into us by at least the age of 5.

So what does this say about you?

Well, if you're one of the 20%, you're set for life!

But for the majority of us, the 80%, this is a pretty terrifying discovery. We're screwed!

Or are we?

There's really only 3 options for the 80% … develop the ability to delay gratification (and there's no research that shows this is possible), accept that this is as good as it gets and you'll never have more or be more so just live with it. Pretty bleak.

Or since the 80%-ers don't have the gift of delayed gratification, they need to find a method that will take that overwhelming need for instant gratification and use it to achieve the major goals in their life.

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